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As the heart of every vehicle, the engine might be the most important part you’ll need in your car or truck. The right engine for your vehicle will depend on what type of vehicle you have, how much fuel efficiency you’re looking for, and how much power you need. Shop our wide selection of low-mileage engines to find the one that fits your needs.


An essential drivetrain component, the transmission makes it possible to shift gears and regulate how much power is used from the engine. This allows for better fuel efficiency and a healthier engine. Without a transmission to regulate power, the engine would destroy itself, and the vehicle simply wouldn’t be able to function at different speeds. We sell used automatic and manual transmissions to keep your vehicle running efficiently and dependably.


Transfer Cases

In four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case splits up the power from the engine to ensure that each wheel has the right amount of power. Depending on whether your vehicle is built for different drive modes, permanent 4WD, or lower gears for rough terrain, different types of transfer case are needed for different drivetrain configurations. England Automotive has the right used transfer case for your 4WD or AWD vehicle.

Front & Rear Differentials

The differential is what allows your vehicle to round a corner smoothly. Depending on which is on the outside of the curve, the left and right wheels will have different distances to travel and must rotate at different speeds. Differentials balance the amount of power going to your vehicle’s left and right sides to optimize wheel speeds for turning and traction. We offer a variety of these often-overlooked but vital vehicle components.

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